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Hi, ES students –

            See below – a great job for a recent graduate!

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John A. Commito

Professor and Acting Chair

Environmental Studies Department

Gettysburg College

Gettysburg, PA 17325 USA


Phone:    717-337-6030

Fax:        717-337-8550




Date:    Thu, 26 May 2011 12:38:01 -0400

From:    "Ascarelli,Daniela" <ascareld@DREXEL.EDU>

Subject: Disc: Job opening, Resident Director Drexel in Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea

Drexel University is looking for a Resident Director for their program on Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea, West Africa.

This well established study abroad program, which runs for the fall and winter terms,( Mid-August- Mid-April) focuses on Biodiversity and Conversation  in one of the most ecologically diverse nations in West Africa.

Student coursework focuses on Field Methods and Field Research as well as Spanish Language acquisition and a course on Society and the Environment as well as a course on Natural Resource economics.

The Resident Director is based in Malabo, the capital city of Equatorial Guinea and is responsible for all aspects of the program and ideally teaches one course, either Society and the Environment or Natural Resource Economics.  The resident director lives in the Drexel Study Abroad house with progr

am participants.

Other major responsibilities include:

1.    Directing the Drexel program in Malabo. This involves arranging for accommodation; providing arrival services; orientation; intensive pre-session/orientation programming; enrollment in courses with the cooperation of Universidad National de Guinea (UNGE); student advising; excursions; and emergency responses.

2.    Liaising with appropriate office and staff at the Universidad National de Guinea Equatorial (UNGE) and in Malabo to assure the provision of the academic program, support services, field study trips and co-curricular activities on Drexel’s behalf.

3.    Designing and conducting arrival and orientation programs for incoming Drexel Study Abroad students. These should introduce Equatorial Guinean and West African culture and history as well as an awareness of current conditions, including safety and security precautions and training, to the incoming American students.

4.    Monitoring the cultural adjustment and academic progress of all Drexel Study Abroad students in Equatorial Guinea through frequent and direct communication with them.

5.    Serving as a contact point for emergencies and assist in providing appropriate and coordinated emergency responses.

6.    Establishing and maintaining a Drexel Study Abroad bank account in Malabo, documenting all deposits and expenditures to the Study Abroad Director and Dr. Gail Hearn.

7.    Assuring that qualified local instructors are identified and hired. Obtain C.V’s and course syllabi from them and relay these to Drexel. Negotiate contracts with the instructors. Assure that courses are actually taught, address student concerns with the instructors, and provide payment to instructors as stipulated in their contracts.

8.    Liaising with host institutions (UNGE) officials and individual faculty members to provide for instruction of the advertised courses. Work with UNGE to pair program students with local UNGE students and assure the efficacy of this arrangement for all parties throughout the program. Arrange accommodation for students. Organize supplemental field-study and cultural enrichment experiences.

9.    Preparing for, arranging to meet, and facilitating the arrival of, and cooperating with visiting faculty and staff from Drexel University. Supporting, to the extent possible, their academic and enrichment activities with Drexel Study Abroad students while in country.

Creating a schedule of weekend activities that will assure participating students the opportunity to experience the diversity and complexity of the host country’s terrain and inhabitants.

Monitoring safety and security conditions continually and respond to them appropriately with the interest of the participating students in mind.

Creating and maintaining cordial working relationships with local officials at the US Embassy, various oil companies and multi-national enterprises and BBPP.

Keeping Drexel informed, by means of a weekly email report to the Study Abroad office and Dr. Gail Hearn, of activities and conditions in Equatorial Guinea and of the activities of the group.


Minimum requirements:   Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science or related field.  Experience living in a developing country.  Spanish language skills or Advanced French skills.

Interested candidates should email a cover letter, resume and 2 references to Daniela Ascarelli, Director of Drexel Study Abroad at


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