Field Biologists – consultancy firm, Southern Cal

FIELD BIOLOGISTS/PROJECT MANAGERS at Bloom Biological, Inc. Website: Location: Southern California. Job Type: Permanent. Application Deadline: 31 Dec 2011. Job Description: Bloom Biological, Inc. (BBI) is seeking resumes from field biologists, particularly those experienced with biological consulting in southern California. Given the seasonal ebb and flow of consulting work the number and permanence of available positions is unknown. BBI is a small but growing firm and considered one of the go-to firms for expertise on raptors, and we are increasingly receiving work in other areas of biology. Qualifications: A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in the biological sciences. Technical writing, analytical and GIS skills are welcomed. Intellect and work ethic, as assessed via an interview, are valued as much as prior consulting experience. New graduates eager to enter this field and work hard are always welcomed. To Apply: Please submit a cover letter and resume or CV to MARCUS C. ENGLAND (EM: marcuscengland AT


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