Summer Internships sponsored by the MBL Ecosystems Center and the SES Program

Hi ES students,

Please refer to the attachment for internship opportunities.



From: Kenneth Foreman []
Sent: Thursday, March 15, 2012 3:10 PM
To: Sarah Principato; Istvan Urcuyo
Subject: Summer Internships sponsored by the MBL Ecosystems Center and the SES Program

Hi Sarah and Istvan:

I wanted to make you aware of the summer internships that are currently being advertised by the Center (see attached list).  I have two motives: first to possibly attract a good student (though it is getting late for this summer); second to illustrate the opportunities that SES can prepare students for and lead them toward.  Currently I know that we’ve hired four of the students from the SES class of 2011 for summer internship positions and there are more slots remaining to be filled!

I know a lot of students want to go abroad for their off-campus study.  This is more problematic for those in science, where rigorous programs can be hard to find.  For those with a serious interest in biogeochemistry, marine and ecosystems science and global change ecology, we believe it is important to get solid training in the nitty-gritty science through a program like the SES (see ), that will then equip students with the lab and field skills to make meaningful contributions to research programs.  In the long-run we believe this leads to more significant learning and research experiences.

Frankly, to justify the expense and commitment involved in sending students to Alaska, Antarctica, the tropics, we have to have confidence in their ability to do high quality work, to collaborate with others, and to handle sometimes challenging field conditions.  Having helped train students in the SES and getting to know them personally gives us better insights into their abilities, and gives them a substantial advantage in competing for these internships. 

Please convey this to your students when they are considering their off-campus study choices (I know it is late in the process and most students have already selected their off-campus study programs, but I reiterate, we are actively seeking students for next Fall, application deadline coming up on 26 March, and if the program is not fully subscribed we certainly will extend this, so if you know of a good prospect for the SES, please encourage them to contact me). 

We have found the combination of the SES together with these post-course internships to be a synergistic learning experience of great benefit to the students and to our research programs.

thanks – Ken

Kenneth H. Foreman, Ph.D.
Director, Semester in Environmental Science
Marine Biological Laboratory
7 MBL Street
Woods Hole, MA 02543
Phone: 508 289-7777


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