Internship opportunity

Hi ES Students,
See below (and the attachment) for a summer internship opportunity at Strawberry Hill Nature Preserve. Contact Jennie Pagano if you have questions.


—–Original Message—–
From: Jennie Pagano [] Sent: Saturday, March 24, 2012 4:57 PM
To: Sarah Principato
Subject: Internship opportunity

Dear Sarah,

I hope that you are doing well! I am still teaching biology at Francis Scott Key HS down in Carroll County and loving every minute of it (although also really looking forward to our upcoming spring break)! I wanted to take a moment to email you all about an internship opportunity for undergraduate students in the Gettysburg area. During the summers I work as the Summer Camp Coordinator at Strawberry Hill Nature Preserve in Fairfield. We are still looking for two summer interns to help with the planning, coordination, and execution of our summer camp. It is a really great opportunity for anyone who is interested in environmental science, education, or outreach. Three years ago I was one of the summer interns and had a blast in the position. The internship offers complimentary housing as well as a monetary stipend for the summer. I have attached some information about the internship as well as an application. If you would pass the information on to any interested students I would be very grateful. They can email me directly with any questions, or contact the office. Thank you again and if there is anything that I can ever do for the department, please let me know!

Jennie Pagano
Class of 2010


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