Grad student positions available: Earth System Science and Policy, UND

Hey Earth Systems students, thinking about grad school? The read on….

Positions are open for graduate students seeking a Master of Science or Ph.D. Degrees in Earth System Science and Policy at the University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND with research interests in environmental change and impacts related to climate change and water resources using remote sensing and GIS techniques combined with field work.
The primary area of research involves studying changes in North American glaciers and how these changes relate to climate fluctuations, as well as the impacts on downstream water use. This study involves the use of remote sensing and GIS techniques in which ENVI remote sensing and ESRI GIS software will be utilized in analyzing ASTER and Landsat images, Aerial Photography, and Digital Elevation Models. Knowledge of either software and/or the above data types is desirable, but not necessary. Field work is likely to occur during the late summer months and some experience in wilderness travel is desired but also not necessary. Field work will consist of using high accuracy GPS, laser range finder, ice penetrating radar, stream flow meter, and meteorological equipment. These topics can be tailored to fit a M.S. or Ph.D. degree. Tuition waivers are available and funding in the form of Research Assistantships may be available in the future. Students from a wide range of fields are encouraged to apply, such as Geography, Geology, Environmental Science, Climatology, Hydrology as well as many others in environmental majors.
Earth System Science and Policy at the University of North Dakota is an interdisciplinary department which focuses on environmental sustainability. Three degrees are offered through the department: Master of Environmental Management (M.E.M.), M.S., and Ph.D. If the above research topics is of interest, please see the UND Graduate School website ( for application instructions, or contact Dr. Jeff VanLooy of the Department of Earth System Science and Policy at the University of North Dakota at (701) 777-4755, or by
e-mail: Recommended deadline for application is June 1st however, early applications will receive top priority for admission.
For more information, see the following websites:
The University of North Dakota: Past preliminary glacial field work:
The UND Graduate School:
UND Earth System Science and Policy:
Grand Forks Visitors Bureau:


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