Job:Communications Coordinator

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Perhaps this job is of interest to some of you.


>| Author: IECA Administrator
>| Title: Communications Coordinator
>*Learn More About the Position:*
>The Communications Coordinator develops and disseminates informative >materials that build awareness of the issues facing the ocean today. S/he >will work alongside senior communications team members and conservation >experts to execute tactics as part of strategic communication plans, >including regular outreach to media and the development of messaging, fact >sheets, statements, blog posts and website content. This position requires >researching news coverage, reporters and bloggers and generating media >attention for Ocean Conservancy program activity in a number of outlets, >including regional and national print, broadcast and blogs. This position >supports several programs and corresponding activities, including the >Arctic,
>ocean acidification, sustainable fisheries and more.
>*Specific Responsibilities:*
> * Execute strategic communication tactics, including writing and/or > distributing messaging, statements, press releases, talking points, >fact
> sheets, blog posts, multimedia (PowerPoint) and other external-facing > materials
> * Support the implementation of activities that will elevate the > organization’s and executive team’s visibility among key audiences, > including researching and organizing speaking opportunities, >conference
> attendance, column placement and stakeholder meetings
> * Perform regular outreach to media outlets, including broadcast, print >and
> online, using approved program messaging. Secure interviews for >experts
> and report upon outcomes
> * Respond to incoming media inquiries and organize interviews as needed > * Build press lists, monitor media (print, broadcast, blogs, social >media)
> and assess media landscape to better inform our strategies > * Edit Ocean Conservancy documents, presentations, reports and other >forms
> of collateral using AP style. Format documents and PowerPoint > presentations
> * Update Ocean Conservancy online press kits and help manage the News >Room
> section of our website
> * Participate in brainstorming sessions and help develop and execute > strategic communications plans
> * Serve as a team liaison to program, policy and science staff for > implementation and execution of assigned tasks supporting the >Director of
> Communications
> * Support additional content development, research, logistical and > administrative duties as needed
>*Required Qualifications:*
> * Superior oral and written communication skills, including capacity to > communicate complex ideas compellingly to a variety of audiences > * Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with diverse teams and >learn
> new subject matter quickly
> * Thorough understanding of the traditional and social media landscape >and
> how the two can be used to maximize audience reach
> * Proven ability to operate efficiently and effectively in a fast-paced > environment and adjust quickly in rapid response situations > * A high-level performer who will bring the necessary creativity, >energy and
> commitment to the team
> * Working knowledge of AP style, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Twitter, > Facebook and WordPress
> * Attentive to details and adheres strictly to deadlines and >deliverables
> while keeping a larger vision in mind
> * One to three years of experience working in the communications >division at
> a company, public relations firm, association or nonprofit >organization
> * Degree in communications, journalism or similar discipline preferred >
>If you think you have what it takes to join Ocean Conservancy’s team, >please
>send a cover letter speaking to your qualifications and abilities along >with
>your resume and salary expectations to: [1] and >note your name and “Communications Coordinator #1326” in the subject line. >Make sure to include how you learned of our opening.
>Ocean Conservancy is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


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