REU Position in alpine lake ecology, CA

FW by Andy Wilson


Alpine lakes are important indicators of environmental change because they are especially sensitive to shifts in climate and rates of atmospheric deposition of nutrients. Our research seeks to understand the structure and function of high-elevation aquatic ecosystems of the Sierra Nevada. Identifying what is driving long term change in these lakes will inform us as to how montane regions in general are responding to environmental change. The REU student will assist with research on physical limnology, aquatic biogeochemistry and paleoclimate.

Applicants should have considerable backcountry experience and the ability to carry heavy (50+ lb.) loads for extended distances over steep and uneven terrain. They should be comfortable using small inflatable boats and will be expected to work independently and, at times, without supervision. A general understanding of aquatic ecology and limnology, environmental chemistry, and computers is desirable. Eligibility is limited to currently enrolled or graduating undergraduates.

REU includes $4,800 stipend, paid housing in Sequoia National Park and food allowance for field work. Start and end dates are flexible, but must be between June 1 and September 15.

Please send a resume, unofficial transcripts and a cover letter to: Dr. James Sickman ( The cover letter should describe your background, qualifications and career plans. The application deadline is May 9, 2014.

James O. Sickman
Associate Professor and Vice Chair
Department of Environmental Sciences
University of California, Riverside
Room 2324 Geology
Riverside, California 92521
Office: (951) 827-4552
Fax: (951) 827-3993
Facility for Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (FIRMS): ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Sustainable Energy Technology Fellow Opportunity.

Dear alums and seniors,

See this interesting fellow opportunity at Oberlin College below.


Salma Monani
Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies
Box 2455, 300 N. Washington St
Gettysburg College
Gettysburg, PA 17325

>From: John Petersen
>The hire will play a central role in the development and management of >hardware, software and data associated with ³Environmental Dashboard,² a >novel technological system that provides community residents, faculty, >students and facilities personnel with real-time feedback on energy, >water,
>and other environmental conditions in residential and commercial buildings >and through whole communities. We seek candidates with college or masters >degree (or equivalent in experience) with deep knowledge of computer >systems and excellent organizational skills who is excited by the >opportunity to develop and manage novel technology designed to motivate >and
>empower citizens to take better care of the environment. Review of >applicants will begin immediately until the position is filled, ideally >for
>a June start date. More information on the project can be found at: > Applicants should review and respond to the >complete position description posted at: http://new.oberlin.ed >u/home/jobs/jobs_detail. >dot?id=60c5d71e-d4a5-48d4-b5d2-b426037bba56
>John Petersen
>John E. Petersen
>Professor of Environmental Studies and Biology
>Director of Environmental Studies, Oberlin College
>*Environmental Dashboard* >

Summer Field Assistant, Forest Ecology Research, Rocky Mtns

FW by Andy Wilson

A summer field assistant is sought to assist with a study investigating competitive interactions among tree species at field sites throughout the Rocky Mountains. Primary responsibilities will include collecting tree morphometry data and core samples at remote, backcountry plot locations. The field assistant will work alongside a graduate student and will be expected to live primarily in backcountry conditions throughout the duration of the field season. Successful applicants will have an interest in forest ecology, a strong work ethic, and a high level of physical fitness. No previous experience is required.

Tentative start date: June 2, 2014
Tentative end date: July 26, 2014
Salary: $320 per week/$1,280 per month*

*all housing and food will be provided during the working week

To apply:
Please send an email outlining your interest and qualifications to: Paige Copenhaver, Ph.D. Student
Botany Department and Program in Ecology, University of Wyoming

Renewable Energy Internship

Hi ES Students,

ES alumna, Tess (Barton) O’Brien is looking for a summer intern. Please see the link below if you are interested! Tess was one of my research students a while ago—she did fieldwork with me in Iceland and her 460 with me. She now has an MBA in Managing for Sustainability and runs her own renewable energy company. She would be a great boss to have—contact her if you have questions.



From: Tess O’Brien []
Sent: Friday, April 25, 2014 10:35 AM
To: Sarah Principato
Subject: Re: hello!

Hi Sarah!

Great to chat yesterday.

Here’s the link to the apprenticeship I’ve posted for this summer:

Send along any interested students!

Happy Friday!
Tess O’Brien


(summer) Field Assistant(s), Florida mangrove ecology

FW by Andy Wilson

We seek 1-2 summer research assistants for a study of species range expansion and community ecology in marsh and mangrove ecosystems along the Atlantic coast of Florida. The assistant(s) will be supervised by graduate students associated with the University of Maryland and the Smithsonian Institution, based primarily at the Smithsonian Marine Station in Ft. Pierce, Florida.

The research broadly considers factors promoting and inhibiting species range expansion, and how ecological communities respond to habitat shifts that result from range expansion. In particular, most research help will be required for a pair of studies focusing on mangroves and marsh as resources for pollinators and crab communities. The
assistant(s) will have opportunities to conduct an independent research project that relates to plant-pollinator interactions, crab habitat selection, or a similar topic.

Field work will be conducted in a mixture of terrestrial and aquatic settings; work can be strenuous at times, and applicants should be willing and able to work in hot, buggy conditions in and around water.
Previous experience with crustaceans and/or insects is preferred, but is by no means necessary. Tasks will include monitoring insect floral visitors in the field, processing and identifying insect specimens in the lab, collecting plankton samples and traps, and identifying larval crabs using microscopes. Applicants will gain experience with GPS navigation, water analyzers, dissecting scopes, and data collection and management.

Position will be based in Ft. Pierce, Florida. We will help assistant(s) to procure local housing. The assistant ideally will have a personal vehicle or local transportation of their own (it will not be used for work). Compensation starts at $10/hour. Position would begin in mid- to late-May, ending in August/September (specific dates are flexible).

Please send any queries and your application by email to Cora Johnston and Mayda Nathan . Applications should include a resume, contact information for two references, and a cover letter that describes prior research experience, outdoor experience, and interests. Please include your dates of availability within the window given above.

Daniel S. Gruner, Associate Professor
Department of Entomology
4112 Plant Sciences Bldg
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742 U.S.A.
(o) 301-405-3957 (f) 301-314-9290