EPA GRO Fellowships

ES Majors – check out the EPA fellowship opportunity below. The deadline is coming up soon.

Have a great summer!


From: Laura Runyan
Sent: Tuesday, May 13, 2014 3:58 PM
To: Rutherford Platt; John Commito; Monica Ogra; Sarah Principato; Salma Monani; Andrew Wilson
Cc: Maureen Forrestal; Richard Rosenberg
Subject: EPA GRO Fellowships
Importance: High

Hi All,

EPA GRO Undergraduate Fellowships are currently available for students to apply to. The purpose of the program is to defray costs associated with environmentally-oriented study leading to a bachelor’s degree. The Fellowship provides support for students in their junior and senior year for research and tuition assistance, as well as for a summer internship at an EPA facility. The student is the applicant, not the institution. The stipends are quite generous and last year students at Wellesley, Lafayette, St. Olaf, Dickinson, and others were successful.

Unfortunately, the deadline is right around the corner (May 27, 2014). If you know of any students that might be eligible, feel free to share this information. If not, you could also keep this in mind for next year.




Laura Runyan

Assistant Director

Foundation, Government and Faculty Grants

Gettysburg College




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