NEES Grad school in Global Environmental Policy or Dual Degree in Costa Rica, for your good undergrads…

Hi students,

Perhaps of interest as you look beyond Gettysburg.


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Subject: [NEES] Grad school in Global Environmental Policy or Dual Degree in Costa Rica, for your good undergrads…

Dear colleagues:

I hope you will not mind this promotion of our outstanding graduate programs.

As you advise your students on options for graduate study, I hope you will call their attention to the interdisciplinary program in Global Environmental Politics at American University’s School of International Service. Among the defining features of our program are the following:

Innovative degree options

We offer two distinctive degree tracks: a professional master’s degree in Global Environmental Policy (GEP) and a unique dual-degree program in Natural Resources and Sustainable Development (NRSD), in partnership with the UN-mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica, where students spend a full year.

A commitment to service

The School of International Service is the most diverse graduate program in international studies in the United States, with a core mission of service and strong commitments to globalism, social justice, and civil society.

Strategic Washington location

Our Washington location provides access to a host of intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations for site visits, research, internships, and employment. As one of the longest-standing masters programs of its type, we have a large alumni network that provides students with mentoring and networking opportunities.

Faculty expertise

Our world-class faculty includes –

+ Ken Conca (global governance, water, environment/conflict/peacebuilding);

+ Adam Diamond (political geography, political economy of agriculture);

+ Garrett Graddy (agro-ecology, political ecology, bio-ethics);

+ Sikina Jinnah (climate, global governance, international institutions);

+ Vicky Kiechel (sustainable design);

+ Simon Nicholson (food security, climate geoengineering);

+ Malini Ranganathan (urban issues, water and energy, climate adaptation);

+ Judy Shapiro (China, Asia, environmental security, environmental justice); and

+ Paul Wapner (global governance, social movements, environmental ethics).

We also have several affiliated faculty of international reputation, including Robin Broad (environment, development, globalization), Dan Fiorino (US environmental policy), and David Hunter (international environmental law).

Leading by example

Our green building (LEED-certified Gold), designed by Cradle to Cradle author William McDonough, provides an important hub for sustainability events in the Washington area. Our campus has the largest installed solar capacity of any institution in Washington, and we are involved actively in American University’s ambitious commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2020.

For more information, contact Dr. Simon Nicholson or Dr. Judy Shapiro or see


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