Entry level job in SoCal

Hi All – check out the job below, sent from ES alumnus Erik Hughes.

From: Erik Hughes [mailto:ehughes5590@gmail.com]
Sent: Thursday, September 18, 2014 8:16 PM
To: Rutherford Platt
Subject: ES entry level job in SoCal

Hey Rud,

How are things? I am still working for a small, private, environmental consulting company in Northern NJ.

I am in touch with a company in Southern California that focuses on lake, and more broadly water, management. They are looking to hire an entry level/junior field person for their operations. I offered that I’d talk to the appropriate people at Gettysburg to get it on our job board. I reached out to Doc and he suggested I get in touch with you. Please let me know if you have any questions or if there is someone else I should reach out to about this.

You can find the job description below:

Monday – Friday 6:00am – 2:30 pm with some over-time available
Since 1973 Diversified Waterscapes has been a leader in providing aquatic water products and management services for lakes, streams, ponds and other aquatic features for homeowners associations, golf courses, cities and corporate entities. This position involves working in and around bodies of water. We skim debris from the water surface, turn off and pull pumps for repair and cleaning, treat water with our aquatic treatment products and perform additional tasks, such as fish stocking, lake mapping, depth analysis and muck removal. The field work will be performed outdoors, on the water, in an environment that may include heavy vegetation, uneven terrain, various species of wildlife and varying weather conditions using boats, golf carts and backpack sprayers. The employees of DWI take pride in contributing to the success of the company. Visit our website at www.dwiwater.comto find out more about us!

• Passion for the outdoors and previous administrative and scheduling experience
• Ability to lift up to 75 pounds
• Able to swim in deep water
• Current DMV report to be submitted with resume
• Must possess a valid California Driver’s License with no more than 1 point
• Reliable transportation to and from work
• Mechanical abilities and experience with boats, trucks and equipment is very helpful
• Must be able to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing, in the English language, with fellow technicians , office personnel and customers
• Bilingual helpful but not required
• Timely attendance
• Ability to take direction
• Self-starter, problem-solver, detail oriented, safety conscious
• Ability to rely on experience, common sense and good judgment to plan and accomplish goals
• Ability to meet given deadlines and project goals
• Adherence to DWI processes, methodologies and policies at all times
• We may perform criminal background checks and drug screening

• Ensure each aquatic environment is free of dead waterfowl and fish, debris and trash
• Clean skimmer and intake baskets, brush rocks and waterfalls
• Check pump equipment: if pumps are in need of repair and, using proper form, notify corporate office in writing
• Work outside in the heat and sun with boats and other equipment
• Survey water features and make determination regarding the use and application of our aquatic treatment products
• Water analysis (DO, pH, Ammonia,etc.)
• Dispose of debris
• Maintain vehicles by: washing, regular maintenance, clean interior, check fluid levels weekly
• Write recommendations regarding status of property’s aquatic environment
• Be aware of after-hours emergency calls (weekdays after hours and weekends)
• Keep tools, parts, and equipment neat, orderly, and accounted for
• Operate a forklift in a safe and prudent manner. Perform incidental duties as assigned.
• Maintain organized and clean working environment
• Manage workload by setting priorities with team, consistently improves team results by taking initiative and assuming more responsibility
• Effectively communicate with fellow technicians, office personnel and customers
• Maintain communication with Homeowners’ Associations, Golf Courses, Apartments and other referral sources in the community to grow DWI business
• Notify, in writing, the corporate office of any problems or safety issues on property
• Be proactive rather than reactive.
• Advises appropriate personnel regarding schedule conflicts, service related issues, equipment problems/issues, employee issues and any other job related issues.

Orange County Crew ONLY – once trained will perform the following: manufacture water treatment products, packaging, labeling, palletizing, loading and occasional delivery.

Coachella Valley Crew: Summertime heat can be up to 120 degrees.


• Excellent 30-day training program
• Competitive compensation
• Company Vehicle
• Company cell phone
• Paid holidays, Sick and vacation


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