MS Graduate Research Assistantship – fish-eating birds, drones and GIS

FW by Andy Wilson. Note: ” Coursework in Geographic Information System (GIS) would be beneficial.”. Also DRONES>>>>

Project Title: Development of cost-effective, efficient methods to control fish-eating bird abundance at aquaculture facilities Project Description: One M.S. Research Assistantship is available within the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Aquaculture at Mississippi State University. The graduate research assistant will conduct a research project to: 1) develop and evaluate methods to effectively control the abundance of American white pelicans and other fish-eating birds at fish farms to mitigate predation and disease transmission; and 2) conduct surveys to estimate the abundance of American white pelicans in Mississippi Delta using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), manned fixed-wing aircraft and satellite imagery. The student will collect field data, conduct data analyses, write manuscripts for publications, and present findings at professional meetings. The student will work closely with USDA APHIS WS Research Wildlife Biologist Tommy King (

Qualifications: B.S. degree in wildlife sciences or a related field. Desirable qualifications include excellent written and oral communication skills. A minimum 3.0 GPA and GRE scores are required. Coursework in Geographic Information System (GIS) would be beneficial.

Location: Starkville, Mississippi

Starting Date: January 1 or July 1, 2015

Stipend: $16,500 per year plus tuition and health benefits

Closing Date: until position is filled

Application: Apply via electronic application within the Office of Graduate Studies, Mississippi State University. Also create a single document (e.g., a PDF) containing the following: 1) cover letter describing credentials and professional goals; 2) a resume; 3) three references; and 4) a copy of university transcripts and GRE/TOEFL scores. The name of the file should contain the first and last name of the applicant (e.g., Jane Doe.pdf). E-mail this file to Dr. Guiming Wang ( Reviews of applications begin on December 1, 2014.

Inquiries: Dr. Guiming Wang; email:; phone: 662-325-0414



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