Western Washington University invites M.S. applicants

FW by Andy Wilson:

Western Washington University invites Master of Science applicants

Western Washington University is seeking a M.S. student for the Department of Environmental Sciences in Huxley College. Research will be conducted on the Kitsap Peninsula and will focus on the restoration of ecosystem processes and functions of a natural estuary and surrounding wetlands of the Puget Sound. Research emphasis will include sediment transport and detritus exchange, water quality assessment, natural vegetation and microbial community response.

Position expectations include field sampling of water, sedimentation, vegetation, and riparian plant roots. Other field sampling duties may include terrestrial insects, benthic invertebrates, fish presence, and small mammal surveys. Using data that were collected pre-and post-culvert removal and bridge construction, statistical analysis and interpretation will be completed. Two years of funding is available via TA-ship and tuition waiver.

Requirements of degree and other information can be found at: http://west.wwu.edu/gradschool/programs/program_details.asp?Program=1018.

Competitive candidates for this position will have a B.S. degree in environmental science or closely related discipline, proficiency in written and oral communication, and strong GRE scores. Evidence of scholastic success (e.g. previous research experience) is desired.

Interested students should email a brief statement of their research interests, a resume, and GRE scores to:

Jenise M. Bauman
Assistant Professor
Department of Environmental Sciences
Huxley College of the Environment
Western Washington University
email: Jenise.Bauman@wwu.edu

Deadline to apply to graduate school is February 1, 2015.


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