Arctic Ecology Graduate Program

Northern Arizona University seeks PhD and MS Candidates

Ecosystem Ecology

Flagstaff, Arizona

The Center for Ecosystem Science in Society (Ecoss) at Northern Arizona University seeks PhD and MS candidates in ecosystem ecology. The positions will be based in Flagstaff, Arizona.

The Ecoss mission is to conduct high-impact, innovative research on ecosystems and how they respond to and shape environmental change, to train next-gen scientists, and to communicate discovery and its relevance to people. Research opportunities are available in the following areas linked to specific Ecoss faculty:

– The impact of climate change on Alaskan ecosystems, including

effects of changing fire regime and permafrost thaw on vegetation

dynamics, plant-soil-microbial interactions, nutrient and carbon

cycling, and ecosystem services. M. Mack, T. Schuur

– The effects of environmental change on soil carbon and nutrient

cycling, and the physiological, population and community ecology of

soil microorganisms. B. Hungate, P. Dijkstra, E. Schwartz

– Freshwater ecology, including the science of river restoration and

dam removal, terrestrial aquatic interactions and food web ecology.

J. Marks

– Exploring the interaction of water and carbon metabolism in

diverse studies ranging from the limits to height growth of the

world’s tallest trees to drought responses of soil microorganisms.

G. Koch.

Program applications are due to the Department of Biological Sciences

by: 15 January 2015.

For further information, please visit the Ecoss website

( and contact the professor whose project you are interested in, including a cover letter (containing background, research interests, and qualifications) and a current resume.

Sarah Principato, Associate Professor

Department of Environmental Studies

Gettysburg College

Gettysburg, PA 17325




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