REU at Southern Illinois University

FW by Andy Wilson>>>>

REU in Convergence Ecology at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

Application Deadline: March 1, 2015

This NSF Site REU offers diverse opportunities to study ecology resulting from an extraordinary combination of SIU faculty research programs in southern Illinois, a distinctive physiogeographic region where prairie, forest, wetland, floodplain, and river systems converge. This program will provide research opportunities for 10 undergraduate students under the guidance of faculty mentors associated with the Center for Ecology. Participation in this REU program will introduce students to ecological research tools used to study populations, communities, and ecosystems. Research areas include ecological pattern and variability, organismal response to environmental degradation, population and community response to restoration, and conservation of managed and natural systems. The goals of this REU program are to foster (1) hands-on scientific inquiry through research, (2) development of a diverse ecological skills-set through guided quantitative field and laboratory methods, (3) comprehension of and confidence in communicating science through weekly reading and discussion, (4) a broad awareness of ecological science through weekly seminars, and (5) a better understanding of biodiversity (to include human culture) through educational field trips to local natural and cultural areas. The program will culminate with The Colloquium of Undergraduate Research in Ecology (The CURE).

Program dates: June 1 – Aug 7, 2015

Requirements: Applicants must not have graduated before summer 2015 and must be a U.S. citizen.

Application Procedure: Instructions and application are available at Applicants will need to submit the electronic application and unofficial transcripts to Two letters of recommendation on behalf of the student’s application should also be sent to


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