Eisenhower Institute – Women in Leadership and Inside Politics

Hi ES Students,

See below for details about two programs with the Eisenhower Institute. Applications are due Jan. 28th. Check it out. The programs are both really strong and look good on your resume. As you might guess from the descriptions below, Jennifer Donahue and Kasey Pipes are on opposite ends of the political spectrum. It was especially fun to watch them debate the previous presidential election!



From: Jason Spiegel [mailto:jspiegel95]
Sent: Wednesday, January 21, 2015 1:53 PM
To: Lisa Rynkiewicz
Subject: Eisenhower Institute – Women in Leadership and Inside Politics

Hello Ms. Rynkiewicz,

My name is Jason Spiegel, I am a Sophomore Political Science Major with a Vocal Music Minor, and I work as an Office Assistant for the Eisenhower Institute. I’m writing to you because I hope you will forward the attached document to the majors and minors in your department. The document briefly describes our two upcoming programs – Women in Leadership and Inside Politics – and includes links to the application for each. We want to stress that neither of these programs are exclusive to Political Science students, and that any student could benefit from his or her experience. Both programs connect and network students with experts and leaders in various fields, and provide opportunities for students to apply classroom learning to the real world.

Women in Leadership – led by Jennifer Donahue, a Chamberlin Fellow of Public Policy – studies the relationship between gender issues and leadership components, as well as the evolution of the role of women in politics, athletics, business, media, law, and science. In addition to on-campus meetings and discussions, students travel to Washington, D.C., where they are exposed to fantastic networking opportunities and insight into the way D.C. works. It should also be noted that this program is not exclusively for female students. There is much a male student can learn from this program as well.

Inside Politics – led by Kasey Pipes, a Norris Fellow of Public Policy and former speechwriter for President George W. Bush – exposes students to the various issues that affect political parties, campaigns, the American presidency, Congress, and the public perceptions of contemporary public policy matters. Given the diverse nature of the issues covered by this program, students with vastly different academic interests can enjoy access to high profile, influential public servants and policymakers.

We think that the students in your department would benefit from these programs, and we encourage you to forward the attached document to the majors and minors in your field.

Thank you,

Jason Spiegel

Gettysburg College ’17

Political Science Major and Vocal Music Minor

Office Assistant, Eisenhower Institute

Inside Politics and Women in Leadership Applications.docx


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