Grad student position – forest ecology, WVU

FW by Andy Wilson>>>>

A graduate student position is available for investigating how acid deposition affects the nutrient dynamics and productivity of deciduous forests in central Appalachia.

The student will conduct their research at the Fernow Experimental Forest and would receive training in the use of analytical instrumentation, experimental design, data analysis, computer modeling, communication skills, and teaching. More about our research at the Fernow can be found at:

Summer support is available for five years and this would supplement support received during the academic year for being a teaching assistant in the Department of Biology at West Virginia University. Information about the graduate program in biology, and how to apply, is available at:

A successful applicant should have: (1) a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a relevant field of study; (2) a strong interest in ecosystem ecology and environmental change; (3) a willingness to learn techniques used to analyze the chemical composition of soil, water, and plant samples; (4) an interest in learning computer modeling and incorporating it into their research; and (5) strong writing skills, and (6) a commitment to the effective communication of science to technical and non-technical audiences.

To learn more, please contact:

Dr. William Peterjohn
Department of Biology
West Virginia University


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