Duke Summer Field Technician: Linking Urban Landscapes to Streamwater Quality & Quantity

FW by Andy Wilson>>>>

PURPOSE: The Bernhardt lab (http://bernhardtlab.weebly.com/) at Duke University has a full-time summer technician position open to assist with work on an NSF funded project examining how variability in urban watershed development affects streamwater quality and quantity.

DESCRIPTION: Assist with experiments to determine how differences in urban development configuration and connectivity within small catchments affects receiving streams. Responsibilities may include: driving to field sites to download sensor data and collect water samples; running water samples on a IC,TOC/TN analyzer, Lachat, and other lab equipment; measuring stream discharge in the field; sample digestions for ICP-MS analysis; maintaining a database and general lab maintenance.

REQUIREMENTS: Experience with field research in an ecology, hydrology, or biogeochemistry lab a plus but not necessary. Background or at least one environmental science, ecology, and chemistry course is required.
Must be self-motivated and able to work without direct supervision. Must have a driver’s license and be willing to drive a large lab vehicle. We are especially interested in students who would like to gain research experience in ecology in order to pursue future opportunities.

Name of Student’s Supervisor: Joanna Blaszczak, Joseph Delesantro, Dr. Emily Bernhardt
Position: Full-time, salary commensurate with experience Time Frame: Summer (flexible dates) How to apply: Send your resume, including your GPA, relevant classes taken, and a brief description of why you are interested and relevant experience to Joanna Blaszczak at urbanstreamsRT@gmail.com

Application Deadline: Friday, April 10th, 2015


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