Land Conservancy job opening

Two emails in a row about jobs!! Good luck! This one looks great for an ES senior or alum.



From: Kay Etheridge
Sent: Thursday, May 07, 2015 10:43 AM
To: Sarah Principato
Subject: FW: Land Conservancy job opening

Hi Sarah,

I ran into someone who wanted to pass along this job description to our alums and soon-to-be alums. They do not need a lot of experience but GIS knowledge would be good.



From: LCAC Executive [mailto:info.lcac]
Sent: Thursday, May 7, 2015 7:18 AM
To: Kay Etheridge
Subject: Land Conservancy job opening

Good morning, Kay,

It was delightful to see you and Nell yesterday. Thank you for your offer to help spread information about the Land Conservancy’s upcoming job opening. This position might suit recent graduates or alumni of the environmental studies program. Attached is a short description that we are posting on job listing sites, with a link to the Land Conservancy website for more details. I went through an online process to try to get this position listed with the GC career services, but I have not received a confirmation that I was successful in that effort.

Thanks for your help with this, and best wishes as you complete the spring semester.


Land Conservation Coordinator Position Advertisement final.docx


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