EI’s Environmental Programs

Hi everyone,

Please see the attached documents for two exciting opportunities through the Eisenhower Institute. The Environmental Leadership program will focus on energy, and there is also a new, campus-wide “Energy Challenge”! Check it out!



From: chesbayblues@gmail.com [mailto:chesbayblues@gmail.com] On Behalf Of ernst@usna.edu
Sent: Thursday, August 13, 2015 10:40 AM
To: Sarah Principato; Randall Wilson; Salma Monani
Cc: Jeffrey Blavatt
Subject: EI’s Environmental Programs

Dear Sara, Randy, and Salma,

I wanted to check in to say hi and to inform you of two Eisenhower Institute programs that might be of interest to you and your students. This year, EI’s Environmental Leadership program will focus on the theme of “energy.” We will be using a new case study approach to our discussions sessions, increasing the number of field labs, and adding a social science aspect to the program (which calls on participants to build a data set of LEED certified residential buildings to test the theories regarding the determinants of green building).

In addition to the Environmental Leadership program, EI will also launch a campus-wide “Energy Challenge” this year. The Energy Challenge is available to all Gettysburg College students and is essentially a campus-wide social innovation contest in which students compete to win two Energy Innovation Awards. The awards include monetary resources and support from EI to launch energy specific social innovations on campus.

Detailed descriptions of both programs are attached. Any support you could offer in advertising the programs to ES students would be greatly appreciated. We are particularly interested in having ES students participate in the Environmental Leadership program, as they have proven to be our strongest participants in past years.

Thank you for your continued support.



EL 2015-2016 Program Doc.docx
Energy Innovation Award (Description and Rules).docx


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