Graduate Program at East Carolina Univ

Hi ES students,

If you are thinking about graduate school, please refer to the attached document from ES alum, Jake Hochard. Jake was an ES & Econ double major from the class of 2011. He got his PhD from the Univ. of Wyoming, and now he is a faculty member at ECU! Check it out!!



From: Hochard, Jacob P [mailto:HOCHARDJ15@ECU.EDU]
Sent: Friday, August 28, 2015 7:54 PM
To: Sarah Principato

Thanks, Sarah. I hope you are well.

Also, while I have you here, our Ph.D. program in Coastal Resource Management at East Carolina University has a new Coastal Economics field of study (flyer attached). There are also focuses in Coastal Geosciences, Coastal and Estuarine Ecology and Coastal Science and Policy. Please forward to any students that may be interested and feel free to have them reach out to me or the program director, Dr. Siddhartha Mitra (mitras), for more information.



Jacob Hochard

Assistant Professor, Department of Economics

Assistant Research Scientist, Institute for Coastal Science and Policy (ICSP)

East Carolina University

CRM AT A GLANCE (4-2015).pdf


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