Full-time job in Harrisburg

Hi ES students and alums,

See below for a job opportunity. Please pass it on to any recent ES grads that you know are living in the Harrisburg area.



From: Welliver, Ruth [mailto:rwelliver]
Sent: Monday, August 31, 2015 2:23 PM
To: Barrie Overton; Beth Brantley; Coanne O’Hern; Darwin Kysor; Eggen, Donald; Dr. Barbara Muse; Dr. Gary Emberger; Dr. Lucinda Elliot; Dr. Mylin; George Pomeroy; Gettysburg College Center for Career Development; ‘James.Mone@millersville.edu’; Jodie Stauffer; Karen Kelley; Kari Peter; Karl Kleiner; Kim Sprought; Leena Pattarkine; Marcie Baer-Lehman; Melissa Wardwell; Messiah College Career Center; ‘pjmeyer@hacc.edu’; Sandy Buhrman; Sara May; Sarah Bollinger; Thomas Kell; Hall, Thomas
Subject: Temporary job opening

Hi Folks,

We are looking for a person to fill a laboratory-intensive job this fall/winter, in the diagnostic lab at the PA Department of Agriculture, 2301 N. Cameron Street, Harrisburg PA. This individual would be assisting with molecular testing of plant disease samples.

We are used to hiring college students during their summer break – it is difficult to know what pool of candidates might be available for full-time work during the school year. If you know of any job seekers (preferably with some laboratory training) who might be interested in temporary employment ($12.62/hour) in the Harrisburg area, we would welcome an opportunity to discuss our job with them.

Inquiries and/or resumes can be sent to rwelliver.

Thank you!

Ruth Welliver |Plant Pathology Program Manager

PA Department of Agriculture |Plant Industry

2301 N. Cameron St. | Harrisburg, PA 17110

Phone: 717.772.5222 | Fax: 717.783.3275



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