Position available: Research Technician at FIU, Miami, FL

“Some experience with data analysis, GIS, computer graphics, and/or scientific writing is desirable.” J

Go for it!

FW by Andy Wilson


Position available: Research Technician

The technician will interact in a heterogeneous applied research group, on projects tied in varying degree to the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP) and to management efforts for rare species (e.g., Cape Sable seaside sparrow) and rare ecosystems (e.g., pine rocklands). He/she will be working on studies of tree island function, marl prairie and aquatic slough vegetation pattern, fire ecology, and landscape ecology. This is an excellent position for someone who is fascinated by vegetation-environment relationships, especially in wetlands, but who wants to be exposed to a range of disciplines and sub-tropical ecosystems while developing a career path. FIU is a state university, but this is not a permanent position and does not include full benefits. Starting pay will range from $28K to $38K per year depending on experience and educational background. A small supplement to augment health insurance may be negotiated. The work includes considerable field and lab time. Field sites are often remote, accessible by foot, helicopter, and airboat, and some mechanical proficiency and field experience are desirable. Heat, mosquitoes, and mud come with the territory, but some days in the Everglades can be truly sublime. Lab responsibilities include field preparation and data management. Some experience with data analysis, GIS, computer graphics, and/or scientific writing is desirable.

For information about Florida International University, go to


For information about the Southeast Environmental Research Center, go to


For information about our past and ongoing projects, find the South Florida Terrestrial Ecosystem homepage from the SERC website, or go to


If you are interested in the position, please send a resume (with a summary of relevant coursework) and a few paragraphs about your specific interests to Jay Sah (sahj). The last date to apply is Sept 12, 2015.

For more information, contact Jay Sah at sahj


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