Lab/Field tech, 6th month position, plant ecology, UC Merced

FW by Andy Wilson


Lab/Field Assistant Job

I am a plant biologist at UC Merced looking for at least one full-time lab & field assistant. Research in our lab centers on forest ecology & genetics, particularly responses to climate change. The technician appointment would be for 6 months, with potential for renewal for a further 6 months. Starting pay $14.57/hour. I am hoping to hire one person starting as soon as possible this fall (late Sept – early Oct), with a possible second hire starting in January 2016.

Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in a biology-related field, good organizational and time management skills, basic computer skills (excel, word processing, etc.), and a driver’s license. Candidates must have experience with plant genetics, including sequencing, DNA extraction, PCR. Experience developing or working with SNPs would be desirable. Ecology field experience, including measuring and identifying trees, collecting seed, etc. is also be desirable. Additional skills that would be helpful (but not necessarily required) include experience with plant propagation, a working knowledge of statistics, and/or R programming. Please note if you have a driver’s license and access to a vehicle.

Under-represented minorities are particularly encouraged to apply.

Duties will include assisting with development of SNP markers for Ponderosa pine alongside collaborators at Davis, helping to set up field sites in Sequoia National Park, assisting with equipment ordering and testing of protocols in the lab, literature searches, cleaning and maintaining laboratory equipment, and data entry and analysis.

The laboratory assistant will also be expected to participate in lab meetings and update his/her skills by reading and participating classes/workshops as necessary.

To apply, please send me your CV and a cover letter explaining your interest in the position and whether you would prefer the fall or winter start date: emoran5. Reply before October 1 for fall position, before December 20 for winter position. CA candidates or others who could relocated quickly preferred for fall position.

UC Merced is the newest school of the University of California system ( The campus is small but diverse. Merced is a town of 80 thousand people located in the central valley, and cost of living is low. It is conveniently located 1 hour north of Fresno (the closest airport), 2 hours east of Berkeley and San Francisco, 2 hours south of Davis and Sacramento, and 2 hours west of Yosemite National Park.

Emily Moran

Assistant professor, UC Merced


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