MS Position in Molecular Ecology of Freshwater Mussels @ Central Michigan University

FW by Andy Wilson
MS Positions in Molecular Ecology of Freshwater Mussels – Central Michigan University

Position Description:
Looking for an MS student to do research on the molecular ecology, phylogeography, and conservation genetics of the endangered Snuffbox mussel (Epioblasma triquetra), funded by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Positions to begin in May 2016 (no later than June 2016).

Minimum stipend:
Approx. $18,000/yr + tuition waiver (depending on qualifications)

Required Qualifications: BS degree in Biology or related field (minimum GPA 3.0), preferably with a concentration in ecology and evolution, fish and wildlife, or conservation biology. Must be comfortable in water and be able to swim. Must be able to travel outside of US and have a passport.

Preferred Qualifications: Previous experience in a molecular ecology lab (PCR, mtDNA sequencing, microsatellite DNA genotyping). Strong computer and statistics skills. Experience and ID skills for freshwater mussels, aquatic invertebrates, fish. Interests in biogeography, freshwater ecology, evolution, conservation. Experience with boats (including trailering and boating license) and SCUBA certification.

To apply:
1) Contact Dr. David Zanatta and send a detailed letter about how you are qualified and why you are interested, detailed CV, and contact information for 2 academic references.
2) Apply to the CMU graduate program (
3) Apply for a teaching assistantship from CMU Biology Department (see URL above). Research assistantships from CMU and/or from Dr. Zanatta’s grants (funding dependent) may be available for top applicants (high GPA and GRE scores).

Application Deadline: 01/15/2016 (to contact Dr Zanatta), 01/02/2016 (for application to CMU graduate school and Teaching Assistantship)


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