ECOLOG-L PhD and MS Positions in Aquatic Community Ecology available for Fall 2016

FW by Andy Wilson
Graduate positions (PhD and MS) positions in the field of aquatic community ecology are available in the lab of Dr. Christopher Patrick in the Department of Life Sciences at Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi (TAMU-CC). Positions will start in Fall 2016.

Research topics are flexible, but would generally fall within current lab study systems (streams and watersheds, littoral zone of estuaries) and interests, including: metacommunities, subsidies, species interactions, biodiversity-ecosystem functioning, and patterns/processes at multiple spatial scales. Lab research combines a mix of field work, experiments, geospatial analysis, and statistical modeling.

Interested students for the PhD position should preferably hold a M.S. degree in ecology or a related field. Potential applicants with only a B.S. degree should have at least 2 years of research experience and evidence of strong writing and presentation skills. Students interested in the M.S. position should have some prior experience working as a technician or an undergraduate researcher. For both positions prior experience in field ecology, statistical analysis, computer coding (R, Python), and spatial analysis (ArcGIS, other) is preferred but not required. Graduate student stipend is generous relative to the low cost of living and recreational and research opportunities abound in the coastal ecosystems near the waterfront campus.

Further information about lab research can be found online at

Interested students should send a CV, unofficial transcript, and cover letter describing your prior experience, potential research interests, and career goals to Dr. Christopher Patrick at


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