Graduate Assistantships – Ecological statistics at the University of Alabama Department of Biological Sciences

FW by Andy Wilson

The University of Alabama has several opportunities available for students to pursue a PhD in the Staudhammer Lab in the Department of Biological Sciences ( A highly motivated graduate student is required to work in one of several active research areas: 1) The role of landuse history on longleaf pine regeneration success 2) A synthesis of urban forestry data from the southeastern US

The student will be co-advised by Dr. Gregory Starr and also interact with the Plant Physiological Ecology / Global Change Lab ( These projects also offer the opportunity to interact with researchers from the USDA forest service and NGO’s. The student’s research interests should include ecological modeling, forest biometrics, forest ecology, or urban ecosystems. A solid background in statistics is required, and a knowledge of SAS and/or R programming languages.

Interested students would apply for the Ph.D. program within the Department of Biological Sciences. To be eligible, students must meet the graduate admission requirements of the University of Alabama and have competitive GPA and GRE scores. Applicants with previous research experiences would be favored for the position. Support is by teaching assistantship with summer funding opportunities (depending on the area of research interest).
Interested students should send a copy of their CV, statement of research interest, and unofficial copy of transcripts to Dr. Christina Staudhammer or contact Dr. Staudhammer for more details ( or 205-348-1538).


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