Graduate Assistantships in Coastal Wetland Ecology, U Alabama

FW by Andy Wilson


Graduate Assistantships in Coastal Wetland Ecology at the University of Alabama

Graduate assistantships (M.S. or Ph.D.) in coastal wetland ecology are available in the Cherry Lab in the Department of Biological Sciences beginning in August 2016. Highly motivated students with experience in field ecology, environmental science or related fields are invited to apply to work on one of the following research projects:

(1) Non-linear responses of tidal marshes to sedimentation events: implications for marsh surface elevation maintenance ā€“ This project is being conducted in collaboration with USGS scientists as part of a larger research program investigating marsh persistence in the face of global climate change.

(2) Factors influencing landward migration of coastal ecosystems in response to climate change ā€“ Students would contribute to an ongoing collaborative research project examining the role of fire in promoting marsh migration in response to sea-level rise and other environmental changes.

Interested students should contact Dr. Julia Cherry via email (, and include copies of their CV, GRE scores, unofficial transcript(s) and a writing sample by December 4, 2015. Qualified applicants will be invited to apply to the Department of Biological Sciences by the December 15th deadline for fall 2016 admission.

The Department of Biological Sciences offers Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTAs) that provide tuition waivers, stipends, and health benefits to support admitted students. Depending on the project and qualifications of the applicant, Graduate Research Assistantships may be available in lieu of, or in addition to, GTA support.


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