Summer fellowships for research at UVA field station

FW by Andy Wilson

Blandy Experimental Farm has some wonderful fellowship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students and postdocs during summer 2016.

Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU):

The program emphasizes experimental, field-based approaches to a wide variety of topics such as plant-animal interactions, pollination ecology, landscape ecology, and ecosystem ecology. Successful applicants will receive a $5775 stipend, funds for research supplies, additional money for food, and free housing. Each student picks a research mentor from our pool of faculty members and graduate students and then conducts an independent research project. The students will gain experience in experimental design, data collection, analytical techniques, and written and oral presentation of findings. REU students also benefit from several professional development workshops. This is a truly wonderful opportunity for an undergraduate student contemplating a future in science.

To apply:

Graduate and Postdoc Research Fellowships:

Are you currently a graduate student or postdoc and looking for a field station or summer financial support?

Summer stipends ($6000 per summer), free on-site housing, and funds for research ($750 per summer) are available for a limited number of graduate students or postdocs proposing original research that uses our resources and facilities and contributes to the ongoing science program at the station.

Interested students/postdocs should contact a Blandy faculty member to discuss your ideas about conducting research at Blandy. You can direct your inquiries based on the faculty member with the closest match to your research interests; however, we are open to all fields of environmental, ecological, and evolutionary research.

Keep in mind this is not a complete fellowship package, rather it provides summer financial support and access to our facilities to supplement existing support from your home institution.

Dr. Kyle Haynes (population and landscape ecology, forest insect dynamics)
Dr. David Carr (plant reproductive ecology, inbreeding and genetic variation)
Dr. T’ai Roulston (pollination, plant-animal interactions, bee biology)

For more information about the station:


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