Summer Field Course in Svalbard

Hi everyone,

If you are looking for a summer experience in the high Arctic, check out this field course. I wish I could take it J



From: Michael Retelle []
Sent: Sunday, January 31, 2016 10:08 AM
To: Raymond Bradley; Gifford Miller; Julie Brigham-Grette;; Lee Corbett; Brenda Hall; Darrell S Kaufman; Alan Wanamaker; Yarrow Axford; Karl Kreutz;; Mea Cook; Alan Werner; Oakley, Bryan A.(Environmental Earth Science); Paul Bierman; Rodbell, Donald; Ross Powell; Tim Cook; Steve Roof; Bob Carson; Carsten Braun; Helen Wiggins; Graham Edwards; Dan Frost; Madelyn Mette; Hannah R. Miller; Hanne Christiansen;; Andrew J Hodson; Anders Schomacker; Michael Carroll; Wesley Farnsworth; Olafur Ingolfsson; Sarah Principato; Áslaug Geirsdóttir; Aga Nowak
Subject: Summer Field Course in Svalbard

Colleagues and friends, I’m following up on a previous email with a flyer (attached) for a summer field course in Svalbard. Many of you have had students participate in this course in the past as the Svalbard REU. The program is now being run as a UNIS undergraduate summer course , this year July 11 to August 6. Please circulate to interested and qualified students.


UNIS AG220 flyer2.pdf


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