MS and PhD opportunities in ecology at Wright State

FW by Andy Wilson

I am seeking one MS student and one PhD student to join my laboratory in the Department of Biological Sciences at Wright State University. The general research focus of my lab is anthropogenic impacts on biogeochemical cycling at the aquatic-terrestrial interface, particularly within wetland ecosystems. Potential research areas include production/export of dissolved organic matter in created and natural wetlands and impacts of artificial lighting at night on carbon and nutrient cycling across aquatic-terrestrial boundaries; however, the focus of the dissertation research is negotiable.

Funding is available through a combination of graduate research and teaching assistantships, and the student may start as early as Fall semester 2016. For the MS, the student will be enrolled in Wright State’s Masters of Science Program in Biological Sciences: science-in-biological-sciences. For the PhD, the student will be enrolled in Wright State’s Interdisciplinary Environmental Sciences PhD program:

Qualifications include: Bachelors degree in Biology, Ecology, or related discipline; GRE scores within the last 5 y; minimum GPA of 3.0; minimum IBT TOEFL score of 100 and ability to pass a verbal English test (foreign students only). Preferred qualifications include: Masters degree or equivalent experience (for the PhD student); interest and/or experience in field and laboratory research; strong written and oral communication skills; strong quantitative skills.

If interested, please send (1) a letter of intent describing your research interests and relevant work/educational experience, (2) curriculum vitae or resume, (3) university transcripts, and (4) GRE scores (unofficial copies ok for transcripts and GRE scores) to Dr. Katie Hossler at


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