40 positions at the Census Bureau

Graduating seniors – I am sending this job announcement around again. Many students in the ES department would be strong applicants. See below for advice on how to apply with just a Bachelor’s degree.


The Census Bureau plans to hire 40 geographers at this time. The link below to USAJobs.gov provides the necessary information for perspective applicants. The positions are listed as two-year term positions that can (and will likely) be extended to 4 years for those whose performance is acceptable. I encourage you to encourage your students to apply. The positions range from GS-9 to GS-12. Normally a GS-9 position requires post-graduate credits or a degree, but those with a Bachelor’s degree can qualify with experience. I strongly suggest that the applicants give themselves credit in their resumes and responses to the questions for any evidence of work they have accomplished, including internships, course exercises, fieldwork, volunteer work etc. Initial evaluations will be done by professionals who are not familiar with the discipline, so choice of words is important in responses.

While this announcement will remain open for several months, we will begin processing applications in early March. This is a great opportunity for graduates to gain experience in a world-class organization that has a diverse range of opportunities in the field of geography – from "making" geography by delineating new geographies, to multiple uses of GIS skills, to determining standards and criteria for geospatial data quality, and managing other staff that support geographic operations. The attached document outlines more details on what geographers do at the Census Bureau.

We look forward to receiving applications from your students!



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