Internship ideas

ES majors and minors –

For those of you who were not able to attend the “Planning for Future Success” event a few weeks back, make sure to check out the link of the same name on Course and Career Planning Page:

There you will find all kinds of advice about how to plan for life after Gettysburg.

Speaking of which, check out this list of internships (paid and unpaid, for credit and not for credit) that ES students have done over the last few years…

Altoona Regional Health System
Alumni Relations
Annapolis Maritime Museum
Armstrong World Industries
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Cape Henlopen State Park
Cape May Whale Watch
Center for Public Service
Collaborating for the Youth
Community Options, Inc.
Cucurbit Farm
Dept of Envi Protection
Elmwood Park Zoo
Everblossom Farm
Facilities Services
Ford Flower Shop
Friends of Casco Bay
Gettysburg College
Gettysburg College CEP
Gettysburg College Dining
Gettysburg College Facilities
GoGet Carshare
Greenwich Department of Health
Hauser Estate Winery
Hoboken Brownstone Company
James A. Finnegan Foundation
Mack Trucks
Mahwah Environmental
Maine Wildlife Park
MD Energy Administration
Merrill Creek Reservoir
Metropolitan Waterfront Allian
Moody’s and Associates
National Aquarium
National Park Service
Natural Resource Solutions LLC
Naval Academy Athletic Ass.
NC Aquarium on Roanoke Island
NJ Conservation Foundation
Norwell Farms
Office of Attorney General
Office of Congressman Tom Reed
Office of Senator Blumenthal
Office of Student Activities
Oregon Sea Grant
PA Dept. of Env. Protection
PA Environmental Council
Painted Turtle Farm (ES & CPS)
Philadelphia Zoo
Project Gaia
PSI, Inc.
Riverhead Foundation
Sierra Club
Special Collections
Strawberry Hill Nature Pres.
The Bryn Mawr School
The Maritime Aquarium
The Women’s Center
U.S. Forest Service

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