STEM Teaching Fellowship opportunity

Hi ES students and alums,

Interested in teaching? See below for a unique opportunity.



From: Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowships [] On Behalf Of Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowships
Sent: Wednesday, December 07, 2016 9:04 AM
To: Sarah Principato
Subject: Deadline approaching: STEM Teaching Fellowship opportunity

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Dear Colleague,

As someone with experience in the education field, you understand the importance of providing children in high-need schools a quality education. For your students, friends, and colleagues who are eager to share their math or science knowledge with young people in high-need schools, the Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship is an unparalleled opportunity. Please pass on this email to anyone you think would be a good candidate.

For top applicants, this prestigious fellowship offers a generous stipend ($30,000) toward completion of a master’s degree program at a Woodrow Wilson partner institution in Georgia or New Jersey. Fellows prepare through a year-long clinical experience in a high-need school, along with rigorous subject matter courses, then commit to teach for three years in urban or rural secondary schools, with mentoring throughout the entire process.

The most successful Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellows come to us through a recommendation from a trusted source—a professor or colleague like you. Again, we hope you will pass this email along to your students, recent grads, friends, or coworkers who you think would be strong applicants and encourage them to apply. The 2017 Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship program application deadline is January 23. For more information, please visit

Thanks for giving this opportunity some thought. We look forward to hearing from any candidates you can refer to us.

All best,

Jose Ochoa
Director, Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowships

Who are WW Teaching Fellows? Meet Daron Martin.

"The Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship has given me the opportunity to not only develop my skills, but to develop from the wisdom of others. I see what STEM actually is and how people are integrating classes together to give a really authentic experience to students so that science means more than just definitions." – Daron Martin.

To listen to 2016 WW Piedmont College Teaching Fellow Daron Martin’s enriching experiences in the master’s program and in the classroom, click here.

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Princeton, NJ 08540

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